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Kharte Blanche

Supporting Community based Not-for-Profits...

in the service of Core System Development and technical support to credit unions. Credit Unions help make up the financial backbone of it's members and the communities they support. They are the not-for-profit version of your local bank and they strive very hard to provide affordable financial services to their communities as well as tons of other really awesome benefits while still giving back to the community.


Kharte Blanche is focused primarily on supporting the credit union industry's technical needs. We do have services that can certainly be applied across industries, such as Instructional System Design for Technology Implementations.  However, our strength and experience lies in supporting these valuable financial institutions that help us fund life through every milestone, big or small.   

We are a small consulting firm, looking to expand our services in the support of an industry whose purpose we believe in, while strengthening and educating the community around us in the power of technology.

Owner/ Programmer - Analyst /Principal Consultant

K E L L I    H A R T

is a Software Developer/Analyst with over 15 years experience in Software Development and 9 years experience in Credit Union Information Technology. 

Kelli has earned a B.S in Computer Science with a concentration in Network, Parallel & Distributed Programming.  Kelli got her start out of college working as a Junior Software Engineer at a Computer Forensics company for her specialized knowledge in Parallel Programming in C with Message Passing Interface (MPI).


Kelli moved on to work as a consultant for one of the world's largest Business Technology Consultant Firms before being recruited into the Financial Services Sector to help develop and support a Core System called Symitar or Episys for Credit Unions. 


During her career, she has had the opportunity to wear many hats and acquire a diverse skill set from serving on RFP Writing teams to Business Process Modeler, Technical Writer, IT Project Lead, and Poweron Developer.  She has participated in full software lifecycle development from Requirements elicitation and analysis through development and testing, with experience in writing Use-Cases, Interaction Diagrams, RTMs, Test Cases, and Gap Analyses. 


Kelli enjoys most the transfer of knowledge- acquiring new knowledge herself, as well as teaching and empowering others.  She also holds a certificate in Instructional Systems Design to lend to her ability to easily relay concepts between the technical and conceptual levels.

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