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Kelli  Hart

Programmer   Analyst



Atlanta, GA                                 470-497-9747          

Skill Summary:

  • Financial Technology Implementor

  • Technical Writing

  • Technical Requirements Elicitation & Analysis

  • Business Process Mapping and re-design

  • Symitar Programming & Extensive knowledge of Episys for CUs



  • B.S. Computer Science, Networks, Parallel and Distributed Computing 2005, Atlanta, GA. Georgia State University

  • Georgia Institute of Technology 1999-2002 Atlanta, GA



Professional History:


Credit Human Credit Union, San Antonio, Tx- Senior Cross Platform Developer

Assisting Credit Human in being the best service provider by delivering outstanding quality and technical support via:

  • Performing Symitar (Core software) design & development using PowerOn, including Symform development.

  • Performing System parameter configurations and changes as needed

  • Testing, debugging, and documenting Test Cases and Outcomes.

  • Participating in change control planning for collaborating roll-outs and strategic planning of the move of coding implementations to avoid collisions and make dependencies visible.


University Federal Credit Union, Austin, Tx- Production Control Programming Analyst 

Assisted with backlog of programming projects needing elicitation, solution recommendation, and PowerOn programming implementation or revision.  Projects included:

  • Writing applications to provide Escheatment to the state of Texas.

  • Revising automated processes and related files affecting interest calculations on investments.

  • Creating applications to automate workflows, performing loan modifications, terminating modifications, and performing loan reconversions.

  • Creating automated processes for time-costly manual ones such as adding & approving share disputes from external processors such as VISA.



Members Choice Credit Union, Houston, TX- Technical Solutions Analyst

Directly reporting to the SVP/CIO, served as liaison/consultant between IT, Credit Union Management, External Vendors to maximize efficient and effective implementation of core system-integrated products. Facilitated understanding, communication, & negotiation of project timelines, requirements, and deliverables amongst internal and external stakeholders on project implementations as project point of contact. Accomplished the following:

  • Planned and Performed Requirements Elicitation activities

  • By coordinating with the Business cross-functionally, planned phases/ roll-outs and created detailed enterprise-wide timelines within overall Vendor timeline on projects.

  • Provided Core System Programming Support to Programmers as needed

  • Helped to ensure delivery of requirements through development and introduction of traceability matrices utilized in testing and req. verification.

  • Planned Core System Release Updates with the Business, providing vendor timelines and ensuring testing and signoff of all features pertinent to our Institution by affected departments.

  • Mapped current process with End Users and advised senior management on best practices and adaptations which may be required for successful consumption of new technical integrations.

  • Re-designed business processes as needed to consume new technical integrations based on vendor best practices and recommendations.

  • Trained back-office end-users on new processes. Traveled to branch sites to train Customer-Facing Branch Employees on new processes surrounding the use of new integrated technology. Trained Branch managers on the use of new integrated hardware, such as card printing machines, so that they may train their branch staff.

  • Recommended and held a programmer training Blitz day for employees with an interest to get a basic first glance at back end technology and assisting with minor tasks requiring a large number of brute force manual hours.  

  • Guided Programmers in making sure they understood technical requirements and made solution re-design recommendations to them where challenges arose.

  • Drafted user manuals for Technology consumed by various Roles in the Organization. Documents provided guidance from the perspective of Programmers, Help Desk, and sometimes Network Support in how to support applications and End-Users. They often served as a reference or re-build tool after Implementation.  Also composing manuals for End-Users (Branch Staff and Back Office). Created templates for documents and tools not previously used such as Communication templates for recurring projects, Testing Templates (Test Pans, RTM), and contractual agreements Transition Agreements for post-implementation.

  • Serving as contact/SME for escalated Core application issues needing further research after roll-out.

  • Creating Business Cases or Justifications for the creation of new roles and the pursuit of new Core system integrations, revisions, and innovative technology.

  • Certifying as Synergy Administrator through Jack Henry Symitar



Members Choice Credit Union, Houston, TX- Senior Symitar Programmer

Provided the link between business and IT while implementing and supporting key financial services technical processes via:

  • Designing, programming, and maintaining business applications and reporting needs primarily using PowerOn, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as SymForm PDF development.

  • Performing daily system/data maintenance via batch processing and file maintenance, month-end, and nightly routines, including statements, rewards programs, Card Captures, etc.

  • Providing RepGen configurations for roll-out and support of Core System ancillary products & services supporting Loan & Membership Application processing/workflows, Membership Identity and Address Verification,  Online Banking, and Card Vendor Processing Conversion, etc.

  • Providing guidance to Vendors needing additional info and support in their custom integrations through SymConnect (Web-based B2B and 3rd party member supporting) services.

  • Assisting in planning and conducting meetings with stakeholders for implementation and testing system enhancements.

  • Drafting Proposals for IT projects needing broad CU involvement and various other documentation for supporting IT implementations.

  • Designed Test Cases and guided end-users and managers in how to test system updates.




Delta Community Credit Union, Atlanta, GA- Symitar Programmer

Responsible for developing and maintaining applications to support Credit Union Information Systems. Performed the following:

  • Developed and edited technical applications in Symitar’s PowerOn using HTML & JavaScript. Also, building adobe forms.

  • Developed Symitar Reports/Queries for gathering and analyzing credit union business information

  • Maintained EDI feeds for 3rd party processors

  • Lead Requirements Elicitation efforts by conducting interviews and requirements gathering sessions and documenting requirements.

  • Mapped business processes for automation and application design

  • Coordinated collaboration of requirements impacting technical solution design amongst multiple business stakeholders


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